One coordinated service providing you with qualified tradespeople you can trust

Transform your Garden with a Pergola or Gazebo

Creating a sheltered place to sit outdoors is a wonderful addition to any home. Each house and garden is unique, as is the personality of each owner.

That is why you want pergolas or a gazebo that is designed and built in close consultation with what you want.

Top the Lot provide pergola and gazebo building services for small to medium scale projects. You get a lot more choice than with a ready made option. But the price stays more reasonable than with many of the large scale building companies.

It’s the perfect option for your pergola.

Builders who listen to what you want

Hiring any tradesperson comes with risk. The two main fears people have are:

  • Will the job come in at the agreed price?
  • Can I trust the tradesperson to do the job as I want it done?

With Top the Lot we guarantee your satisfaction. 100%. All of our tradespeople are hand selected to be part of the Top the Lot team and our owner is an experienced Domestic Building Supervisor who is also an expert at project management.

This takes the stress off you completely. So your pergola is built and you are out there enjoying it as soon as possible.